Saturday, October 18, 2008

Change We Can Believe In

The Education World has changed, and the publishers and educators who will figure it out have an opportunity. Students go to college for at least three things, acquiring knowledge, skills and values, earning credentials, and plugging into a network. Publishers have seen themselves as content providers, colleges have seen themselves as credential-granting factories, and the network has been ignored, sidetracked to the realm of foundations and alumni associations. But, that is where the value is, in plugging students, faculty, and everyone else in between into a loose weave of content, collaboration, assessment, feedback and a continuous improvement loop that evolves based on where the users want it to go.

At this current workshop, we continue to think of ourselves as accountants introducing students to the tools used 40 years ago and not as knowledge workers helping to transform a system to make it relevant in the next 20 years. Haven't we heard of the AECC?

Key quote, 'Briefly summarizing a large field, research has established that people do not develop true understanding of a complex subject like science by listening passively to explanations. '

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And if we don't change?

I don't know where this is going, but I know that we can't stay where we are with old thinking and ways of doing and continue to attract the best and brightest to what we do. We won't have jobs, companies will continue to devolve and consolidate, and opportunities will go elsewhere.

Or, we can learn what it means to participate in content aggregation, provide meaningful assessment that are learning activities, not tests, and build the network.

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