Friday, September 19, 2014

Week 1 Commentary from Paul Signorelli

Paul Signorelli writes on the week one (why are we doing this and why do we need a why) discussion.

Key quote, 'Listening to Davidson, Wesch, and their co-panelist Randy Bass address a series of thought-provoking questions that would resonate with any inquisitive trainer-teacher-learner (e.g., what is to be taught, how should something be learned, and why should a particular subject or skill be learned?)—and simultaneously interacting with other learners via Twitter—provided what Davidson cited as one of the many benefits of connected learning: all of us had plenty of time during that stimulating online session to reflect on the “why” behind the learning we facilitate, and we left the session encouraged to engage in additional reflection (via this sort of blog article as well as through online interactions that help us, sooner than later, to use what we are learning).

I'm running behind with all of this, given that this has been fall kick-off week, or the series of back-to-back long meetings, orientation sessions and get-togethers, fueled by caffeine and carbs that has dominated my attention.  Lots of new fresh faces at TLF provides a small sense of optimistic change. But my table-top speed-dating conversation focused on our home-grown OER, Open Course Library and Connected Courses, so progressing toward my goal of being an effective node in the network.

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