Friday, October 24, 2014

Design Patterns and the Coming Revolution

Mike Caufield gave the keynote presentation at the  NW eLearning Conference this year.      

Here's a key quote that shook me up, 'We are moving to a future where every minute of every day of a grade school teacher is precisely scripted by a textbook company in collaboration with a district. I have zero doubt that unless something changes this will be the fate of much of higher education as well.'

And, 'We are in dark days. Everywhere I look I see the exuberance of the mid-aughts being crushed by processes and requirements and specs that don’t fit. And where I see signs of hope, it’s all cowboys and mavericks, stuff that will never mesh with our institutions, that sets itself up as in conflict with the very institutions in which it is trying to root.'

The Connected Courses conversations are bringing light to those dark days.


  1. @ Simon...."nobody's right if everyone's wrong"....S. Stills.....