Saturday, October 18, 2014

What is Web Literacy, and Playing Catch-Up....

Playing catch-up here with the Connected Courses flow.... 

Unit 3 delves into the questions, What is this thing called the World Wide Web? What are the values and ambitions that gave rise to its design?

Some big-time serious delving going on here.  But, as I watch my attention refocus to the day-to-day of fall quarter and organization-specific tasks, mundane and bureaucratic, working within the limitations,  constraints and barriers of resources, interests, talent and time at the organizationally-specific level, the benefit of being connected to a larger community of educators, world-wide, networked, technologically savvy, and firing on all the synapses, becomes more and more obvious.

It keeps me coming back here, even just to participate on a marginal level.

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