Saturday, November 8, 2014

Crash-only Thinking

Came across something called Ribbonfarm, where there was a great piece on Crash-only Thinking, about transitions and changes.

Key phrase, 'Crash-only means there is no such thing as gracefully starting and stopping non-trivial parts of your life or business.  You have to crash what you’re doing and recover in a more promising direction. The fact that it is a crash means that, unlike normal decisions, there is a sharply increased probability of not coming out the other end.

Crashes are traumatic, high-entropy, messy ways to achieve transitions, which is why transitions in life and business are so hard. We want clean, smooth turns that smoothly and isentropically shed momentum in one direction and accumulate it in another direction.....It doesn't happen.'

Strong identities, brands, compelling narratives and self-talk that run counter to what's really happening contribute to the crash-only state, necessitating a clean start, a reboot and refresh.  

Is that what's happening here in education, at our institutions, in the state-supported systems?

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  1. Hi Andy,
    I enjoyed your post and the whole theory of Crash really interesting. Thanks for the link to Ribbonfarm that site looks great. I am following your blog via RSS. Thanks,