Friday, November 7, 2014

Good, Bad, Very Bad, Really, Really Bad

And, then, there's the perspective of Maha Bali, an educator and Connected Courses standout, from Egypt.

Key quotes, 'BUT when someone over here in Egypt talks about safety online, it’s along the lines of possibly getting arrested, jailed and possibly tortured for your political beliefs.'

And, 'Something crossed my Twitter stream the other day, with a question “Are our schools worth dying for?” and a reference to Malallah. Umm. Not sure what the link is for, but I’m guessing, assuming here, that I’m sure Malallah’s school, the quality of it, was probably not worth dying for. It’s possible most schools even in the developed world are not worth dying for. The situation Malallah found herself in, that’s the REALLY REALLY bad. That’s not my country. Yet.'

Is that the situation where I work?  Where others, teachers, students, their families work, live, eat, sleep?   Are our schools worth dying for?  What if we approached our work believing that our schools were worth dying for?  

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