Sunday, November 2, 2014

Thanks for the Change!

Change in sclerotic institutions is soul-sapping and energy-intensive.   And when you work in a state-funded educational system where the basic constructs were formed in the 19th Century (amount of learning, course structure, compensation and incentive system, budget process, labor-management relationship) as defined by the credit hour, a 'Carnegie Unit,' the paradigms don't work any more.   We run the risk of being irrelevant, like Tower Records, and ignore the future that will change how and where and why and for who we do business.  

For those who believe that, the conversations can be frustrating, especially when you have seen other paradigms that could be fruitful and others don't or won't.   When you push, you feel like you a rowing upstream with lots of water coming over the bow, doing the same dad-gum thing over and over again, having the same arguments, asking the same questions, and hoping against hope that you'll get different answers.

@EacherVeggies wrote about this frustration last week, asking the question this way, "how do I create a connected experience for people who are satisfied with boxed macaroni and cheese?"
The responses to that question are wonderful, crowdsourced advice and encouragement, full of fresh fettuccine, romano and asiago, giving more evidence to the value of the Connected Courses community.  

She's right, you know!

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  1. Hey! I'm @eatcherveggies and you are right, "the conversations can be frustrating"!! I love this community of learners, though, they give me HOPE. Thank you. :)