Wednesday, April 1, 2015

More than Shareholder Value

A couple of posts caught my eye the other day.  Mike Caulfield wrote about remixing, repurposing and adapting in digital media as a way to expand collaboration and distribute ideas, notions and observations, using the ‘fluidity of digital media to have the sort of “conversation through editing” that digital media makes possible.’

Mike’s post led me back to David Wiley’s excellent blog,, and his piece, The Remix Hypothesis, riffing on the benefits of faculty adapting OER and that impact on curriculum design, leading them to to ‘rethink their assignments and assessments so that they maximize the learning-related benefits of openness to their students.’

Maha Bali’s post on Unbearable Whiteness discusses the notions and nature of privilege, and the ‘elusive nature of inclusivity.

And, finally, Dave Winer takes a broader perspective, addressing the Purpose of the Internet, which he describes as saving our species from self-destruction.   Maybe, or more to the point, a use of the internet is to facilitate the sharing, remixing and redistribution of ideas, notions, and perspectives, giving voices to many, to all of our collective benefit.